Simon Hawkins

Owner / Guide

Simon Hawkins is your guide your host and owner of Cardrona Outfitters. I started hunting at a young age and grew to love and enjoy the hills and the extreme mountain tops of New Zealand  there for I studied and appreciated the living trophy’s New Zealand has to offer My personal hunting grew into a passion taking some amazing trophys that now live on my wall.

A few years ago I took up bow hunting and now days if I'm not guiding  for you I'll be in the mountains with my bow looking for a bigger better trophy

The biggest passion for me is the excitement of helping a new hunter reach there goals and dreams of taking  massive amazing trophys with a bow such as Red Stag Bull, Thar, Buck Chamois and Fallow Buck where this is all possible to a true hunter with ambition and time and appreciation for the hills and the extraordinary trophys that live in these rugged mountains

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Rich Corthell

Head Guide

I cut my teeth hunting on the east coast of the United States in the woods of New England. Opening week of deer season was an important family tradition.  We would all have the week off from work or school and hit the woods chasing whitetail. As I got older, and wasn't able to take the week off, I started bow hunting to take advantage of the longer season. It didn't take very long for me to become absolutely hooked.

When my family made the move to New Zealand, I was nervous if I'd be able to find the same passion for hunting.  It didn't take me very long to see how mesmerizing New Zealand is. When you can be in such a beautiful country while doing something you love, you've truly found happiness. Nothing brings me more pleasure then to share this place with fellow hunters.  Not only to give them an opportunity at a trophy but to share this amazing backdrop.

Rich Corthell